Floatation Therapy in a Sensory Alleviation Pod

For Wellingtonians, the opportunity to experience the blissful calm and restorative properties of a sensory alleviation session has arrived.  Nestled in the heart of Wellington city, FloatWell patrons have the opportunity to completely block out the hustle + noise of modern city living.  Those entering a FloatWell pod submerge themselves in a clean, warm and peaceful zone to tune out, mull over thoughts in a calm environment, meditate and/or deeply relax their bodies and minds.

A float tank is an enclosed pod filled with 500kg of Epsom salt dissolved in 30cm of water.  The water and air are heated to the same temperature as the surface of your skin, creating an indistinguishable boundary between the two.  It is an incredibly gentle and calming experience that is unable to be replicated outside of a floating centre and is the closest most of us will feel to the sensation of floating in space.

I think [the float tank] is one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought that you could ever find.
— Joe Rogan | podcaster, sports commentator & stand-up comedian

FloatWell floating sessions last for an hour and can be accompanied by a selection of meditative audio options, or silence, or you can bring your own tracks to listen to.  You may choose to leave the pod lid open, partially open or closed, with soft coloured lighting or you can immerse yourself in the calm darkness.  The buoyancy of the float tank allows your body to be relieved from gravity, and FloatWell ear plugs keep the water out of your ears.  Massage + Craniosacral Therapy sessions (including those for mothers and children) are also available. 

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Floating  during Pregnancy

Sensory alleviation tanks can be used by pregnant women up until Week 37 and provides relief from the aches and discomfort of a woman's changing pregnant body.  In the tank, pregnant women are able to lie on their backs due to the buoyancy of the water relieving the weight of the baby - something that women who traditionally slept on their backs before pregnancy will thoroughly enjoy experiencing.  They are also able to lie on their side or even float on their stomachs as they lean on the side of the pod.  

Of course, every pregnancy is different and it's recommended that if you are going for your first float in your 2nd or 3rd trimesters you check with your GP first. 

FloatWell founders Kevin + Samantha

FloatWell founders Kevin + Samantha

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The FloatWell Founders

Canadians Kevin and Samantha both fell in love with Wellington and in 2012 made the city their new home.  With backgrounds in structural engineering and yoga teaching + addictions counselling, Kevin and Samantha have managed to utilise their training to fulling realise FloatWell as a safe and tranquil haven for introspection, located just above the busy city streets.  

"Kevin’s key interest in floating is expanding human consciousness, awareness and potential. Samantha’s passion is for empowering people to improve their lives through contemplation, community and holistic wellbeing. As avid floaters, we are so excited to introduce Wellington to Float Well – we can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you!' 
-  FloatWell Founders, Kevin + Samantha

Discover FLOATWELL Wellington

FloatWell Wellington strive to be a Green company.  
From administration routines such as initially filling in a reusable, wipeable laminated agreement form to save paper, to providing environmentally-friendly EcoStore soaps, shampoos and conditioners for patrons, FloatWell seems to be trying to lessen their eco-impact wherever possible.  

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Level 1, James Smith Building,
Cnr Cuba + Manners Street, Wellington
0800 FLOATNZ (3562869)

All images courtesy of www.floatwell.co.nz