In November 2013, people stepped onto the beaches nationwide bearing banners and baring their voices against Texan oil company Anadarko.

Wellingtonians gathered on Lyall Bay beach to protest Deep Sea Oil Drilling in our waters. Some covered their skin with molasses in a stand against spilled oil.


To find out more about the GetFree Banners on the Beach movement visit their site or visit the Greenpeace NZ website.

We've left space at the end of this video as a meditative pause for viewers to have a moment to consider those who have campaigned for the rights of others and for causes the world over, many of whom suffered abuse, lost their freedom or lives in the process. Now more than ever is a turning point in our history, particularly in terms of our planet's climate, controlled food production systems, our right and need for change in our political systems in a corporate-empowered world, and the immediacy of information via the internet. Use your voice. What can you do in your community (local or online) to help bring about change for the better?

Photos + video by Sophi Reinholt
Music by The Phoenix Foundation "Buffalo"
Final Image courtesy of Greenpeace NZ.